Unwind at Mezzanine Villa in Canggu

Staying in a villa featuring complete facilities will grant you an amazing experience. Especially if the villa you’re staying in features a mezzanine floor where you can talk with your partners or families. So here are three villas in Canggu with a mezzanine level as a hang-out spot. 

One of the villas in Canggu that has a mezzanine floor is Astera Canggu. Astera Canggu offers tropical and romantic vibes for a honeymoon experience in Canggu. In One Bedroom Villa with a private pool and jacuzzi, the bedroom placed on a mezzanine level because the villa has a high ceiling and it designed to provide a functional space yet look pleasing. Mezzanine beds are space-saving beds par excellence for establishing an intimate moment with your loved one.

Mezzanine Villa in Canggu

The Teratai Villa Canggu is also a mezzanine villa in Canggu. This villa offers a unique and stunning blend of Balinese and Japanese cultural design elements. Designed for a romantic and enjoyable experience, the one-bedroom villa features a private pool and bathtub for ultimate luxury and relaxation. There is a spacious mezzanine-level living area that adds a touch of elegance and exclusivity to your stay. Allow yourself to be transported to a serene and idyllic world in this one-of-a-kind villa. The mezzanine living space at Teratai Villa Canggu is opulent, masterfully crafted with a harmonious blend of plush sofas and plush pillows, imbued with the chic and contemporary aesthetic of an eclectic interior design.

Mezzanine Villa in Canggu

Aeera Villa is a mezzanine villa in Canggu too. Aeera Villa is a stylish boutique villa for romantic staying moments in Canggu. This villa is a perfect spot to chill out and get to know each other better as nothing beats spending quality time with the people we care about the most. Aeera Villa features a smart one-bedroom villa where the bedroom placed on a mezzanine level as it is regarded as stylish since it is a unique and fascinating design feature. It also gives seclusion and separation of space from the rest of the living area, and it also looks pretty awesome too!

Mezzanine Villa in Canggu

So, if you are looking for a mezzanine villa in Canggu, you may come to those three villas for a unique getaway experience in Bali. Learn more about this by clicking this link: https://inivie.com/contact.html

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