The Best Hostel in Canggu for Large Group

Traveling with friends and exploring new places is incredibly fun, invigorating our youthful spirits and encouraging us to meet new people.

Bali is the perfect destination for those seeking an adventurous trip with friends. If you’re traveling with a large group, don’t worry about accommodation—Bali offers the best hostel in Canggu, ideal for extroverts and social butterflies. One standout option is Roommates Hostel Canggu.

Roomates Hoste Canggu outdoor

Roommates Canggu: A Premier Hostel in Canggu

Located in Bali’s most renowned area, this hostel ranks first among accommodations suitable for travelers from outside Bali. With a large capacity and a focus on community, Roommates Hostel offers both comfort and a vibrant social atmosphere.

Roommates Hostel Canggu offers several room options to suit your needs. These include the Canggu Double Room, Canggu Twin Room, One Bedroom with 4 Bunk Beds in a Mixed Dormitory with Balcony, Bed in Six-Bed Mixed Dormitory Room, Bed in Four-Bed Female Dormitory Room, Bed in Four-Bed Mixed Dormitory Room, Premium Bunk Bed in Mixed Dormitory, and One Room with Four Bunk Beds in a Mixed Dormitory.

With the roommate concept, you have the opportunity to meet new people in the same room. However, if you prefer privacy, you can book an entire room for your group. Despite being a hostel, Roommates Hostel Canggu offers excellent facilities and prioritizes comfort, ensuring that your stay feels like that of a luxury hotel.

4 Bunk Beds in a Mixed Dormitory with Balcony


Roommates Hostel Canggu offers such comprehensive facilities that it feels more like a luxury resort than a hostel. Guests can enjoy the Pool Bar, where you can swim or relax with a cocktail while listening to music from top DJs. There’s also a jacuzzi for a warm soak with friends, perfect for cheerful conversations.

If you have work to finish, don’t worry—this hostel features a coworking café called Workmates. With fast WiFi and comfortable amenities, you can stay productive. For those wanting to stay fit during their holiday, there’s a rooftop yoga venue with professional instructors. Lastly, guests can unwind at Svaha Spa Batu Bolong. Nothing beats a relaxing massage after a day of activities and fun with friends.

Svaha Spa Batu Bolong at Roomates Hostel Canggu

Strategic Location

Situated in Canggu, Bali’s most renowned area, Roommates Hostel Canggu is surrounded by numerous destinations and attractions to enhance your holiday experience. Its proximity to the beach, beach clubs, and restaurants ensures a convenient and enjoyable stay.
Located on Jl. Batu Bolong Beach, Canggu, Roommates Hostel Canggu offers top-notch accommodation at affordable prices. For more information, visit their Instagram @roommatescanggu or book your room here.

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