Recommendation Holiday Activities in Sanur

Are you struggling to find holiday activities in Sanur? Inquiring about the best sunrise spot in Bali, locals often recommend Sanur. Renowned for its pristine white sandy beaches and calm shallow waters, Sanur is deemed safe for families with young children due to its minimal waves.

As a bustling tourist hub, Sanur offers a plethora of activities to indulge in during your visit. Below are some recommended holiday activities in Sanur:


Source: Kegiatan Seru di Sanur yang Bisa Kamu Lakukan!

Upon reaching Sanur Beach, you’ll notice numerous canoes neatly lined along the shoreline. These canoes are available for rent from local vendors, catering to tourists interested in water sports. Typically, rental prices vary based on the duration of use.

Canoeing is a favored activity for all age groups. With the calm sea, there’s little concern about capsizing or safety issues. Enjoy the sunset while canoeing, spotting fish and seaweed as you glide through the water. Share the experience with your companions, be it your partner or friends for your holiday activities in Sanur.

Riding Bicycle

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If you’re feeling restless at your hotel or villa, consider renting a bicycle to explore the Sanur area. Cycling around allows you to discover unique sights and experiences. If you’re hesitant about riding on busy roads, opt for cycling along the beach in Sanur.

Cycle in the morning for a peaceful beach experience and catch the sunrise. Share the romantic moment with your partner while enjoying the health benefits and mental refreshment of beach cycling. Don’t hesitate any longer—embark on this adventure today!

Lunch at Mak Beng

Source: 5 Fakta Unik Warung Mak Beng di Sanur Bali, Gak Pernah Sepi Pembeli!

Sanur boasts a plethora of culinary delights to elevate your trip. Among the favorites is Warung Mak Beng, renowned for its delectable Balinese specialties crafted from fresh ingredients found nowhere else.

What sets Warung Mak Beng apart is its singular menu offering: white rice served with fish head soup and seasoned fried fish. Despite its simplicity, patrons are willing to queue for hours just to savor this dish. Open from 8 am to 10 pm, the warung tends to be bustling during lunch hours. It’s time to embark on your culinary adventure!

Breakfast at Men Weti

Source: Sarapan Nasi Campur Bali Legendaris di Pantai Segara Ayu, Sanur

Here’s a local breakfast recommendation after your canoeing or cycling adventure. While the place may be small, it’s the flavorful food that draws people in. Offering a typical Balinese breakfast at affordable prices, you’ll find a diverse menu to choose from.

Indulge in various vegetable dishes seasoned with local spices for that distinct spice kick. Don’t miss out on the delicious chicken betutu and coconut milk served with rice. Arrive before 9 am to avoid long queues and savor a delightful rice breakfast by Sanur beach!

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