Italian Restaurant in Canggu: Relax at Cantina Classe

If you’re yearning for a luxurious experience inspired by Italian style, then Cantina Classe is a must-visit place to go. Cantina Classe is an Italian restaurant located in Canggu, serving exquisite and exclusive Italian dishes. Situated in the heart of Canggu, where the vibrant and comfortable tropical ambiance of Bali meets Italian cuisine, this is going to be a perfect blend.

With its warm atmosphere and the tropical breeze of Bali, mix with the serene view of lush green rice fields, Cantina Classe becomes a must-visit spot when vacationing in Bali. Moreover, Cantina Classe boasts a classic architectural style with brick walls resembling traditional stone ovens, adding a captivating charm to the setting.

The rustic-designed pasta and pizzeria at Cantina Classe offer an authentic taste of Italy. What’s intriguing is that all the food here is handmade, from fresh pasta and pizza dough to smooth pesto and béchamel sauce.

Uncover This Italian Restaurant in Canggu

No Italian dining experience is complete without a bottle of wine or a variety of countless signature cocktails. Fortunately, Cantina Classe has it all to complement your journey of savoring the most original flavors of Italian cuisine.

You can enjoy all of this and more at Cantina Classe, which is highly Instagrammable. Relishing Italian food at Cantina Classe will transport you to the cobblestone streets of Italy.

Savoring delicious and authentic Italian cuisine often sparks curiosity about how these dishes created. That’s why if you’re curious about the creation of the mouth watering pizzas at Cantina Classe, you can try La Classe, a pizza-making class offered by the restaurant.

During the class, you’ll gain a deep understanding of the pizza-making process. You’ll learn to select ingredients, naturally process them, and transform them into enchanting pizza dough. This pizza-making class activity also suitable for school children on holiday, allowing them to have fun while learning the art of making delicious pizza.Whether you’re seeking a place to pamper yourself with delicious Italian cuisine and refreshing beverages or you’re interested in learning to make delectable pizzas, Cantina Classe is the perfect destination. To learn more about Cantina Classe, visit their website at or visit Instagram at @cantinaclasse.

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