Eight Palms Villa: Remarkable Family Villa in Legian

A family is people that you call home. That is why spending time with family is the best thing to do. As a cruel world ditches you every day, family is always a place to come home. Sometimes a family needs to go on vacation to strengthen the bonds of each family member. During a family trip, it is for the best if you are choosing a family villa to accommodate big groups. 

One of the suitable family villas in Legian is Eight Palms Villa. This villa is a perfect villa for a family gathering or family trip. Fit in with a number of people, this villa is clean and well-maintained. There is also a pool to cool off during the hot day or linger with family members. 

Near Seminyak, this villa is a point where you can easily move from one place to another. There is a spacious parking lot if you bring your own vehicle. The villa is also provided with Smart TV & Google Home. 

Remarkable Family Villa in Legian

Remarkable Family Villa in Legian

Eight Palms Villa is a luxury villa with an elegant design that offers a memorable staying experience for an intimate family escape in Bali. Luxurious features of Three Bedroom Villa with a private pool and jacuzzi, suitable for families or couples on their honeymoon.

Eight Palms Villa provides onsite parking and complete facilities such as a kitchen, a private Pool, and a jacuzzi/bathtub to make you feel like you are staying at your second home in Bali and spending time with your family.

In addition to high-end and complete facilities, Eight Palms Villa is located strategically in the Legian area which only takes 25 minutes to drive from the airport, it’s 5 minutes drive away to the nearest cafe and restaurant, as well it’s 8 minutes drive away to Legian Beach and Double Six Beach in Seminyak to enjoy the beautiful sunset in Bali.So, if you want to stay at the most remarkable family villa in Legian, you can come to Eight Palms Villa. Learn more about Eight Palms Villa by visiting Instagram at @eightpalmsbali or contact us at https://eightpalmsvilla.com/contact.

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