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When you’re vacationing in Bali, what’s the most anticipated thing or must-visit place? Yes, indeed, one of the reasons to return to Bali is its abundant natural beauty. A favorite attraction for tourists is the beaches with white sand, clear, and clean water, and of course, the much-awaited beautiful sunset spots to end the day.

Each beach in Bali has its unique charm to explore, especially as Bali is often referred to as The Island of Paradise. But do you want to know the recommendations for the best sunset spots in Bali?

A few years ago, the most famous and frequently visited sunset viewpoint was always Kuta Beach and Tanah Lot. So here are some recommendations for the best sunset beach spots in Bali that are currently very popular among tourists to visit.

Uncover Best Beach Sunset Spots in Bali

So, here are several beaches in Bali that have nice sunset spots to end your day.

Seminyak Beach

Seminyak Beach boasts a long, gently sloping shoreline, making it an ideal spot for leisurely evenings as the sun begins its descent. While the captivating orange sun sinks into the sea, you can savor the moment with a refreshing drink at numerous beach bars dotting the coastline. Furthermore, there are several renowned beach clubs to visit once the sun has set.

Balangan Beach

Balangan Beach, nestled between two steep cliffs, is one of the many beautiful beaches in the southern part of Bali. Its proximity to Dreamland Beach and Uluwatu Temple makes it an alternative tourist spot to explore. Access to the beach in the Pecatu area is relatively easy, with wide stairs provided for visitors.

The atmosphere here remains very natural and tranquil, with fewer tourists compared to other spots. For surfers, it’s a well-known and favored location, besides Dreamland Beach. Balangan Beach features a roughly 1 km-long coastline facing north, offering a distant view of I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport’s activities.

To the east, it’s bordered by high cliffs with unique erosion formations. On the west side, the beach is framed by tall cliffs covered in vegetation, especially palm trees. There are also some cottages perched on the cliffs to enjoy the beach from a higher vantage point. What’s fascinating is that during low tide, you can walk along the western shoreline to reach yet, this beach also shwocases one of the best sunset spot in Bali.

Pantai Suluban

Among tourists, the beach is often referred to as Blue Point, a name derived from a traveler who didn’t know its true name but recognized the Blue Point hotel nearby. Locals, however, call it Suluban Beach. Suluban Beach also presents a stunning sunset. To witness this breathtaking sunset, you can grab a drink at the restaurant perched on the cliff overlooking the beach.

Bingin Beach

Bingin Beach is like Bali’s best-kept secret, known for its incredibly beautiful sunsets. As the sun dips below the horizon, it casts the sky in vibrant shades of red and orange, welcoming you to a mesmerizing sunset spectacle. Bingin is a truly magnificent beach, offering unrivaled views of the Indian Ocean and featuring fantastic waves that have made it one of the top surfing destinations not only in Bali but worldwide.

Dreamland Beach

Located in the southern part of Bali, Dreamland Beach has emerged as one of Bali’s prime sunset havens. At the time of its discovery, many believed that this beach could give Kuta Beach a run for its money as the most stunning beach in Bali. Tucked away amidst the cliffs and hills of southern Bali, Dreamland Beach is sure to leave you in awe.

Canggu Beach

Once a tranquil neighborhood nestled near the Tabanan province, Canggu has evolved into Bali’s most vibrant and stylish hub. Beyond that, Canggu boasts a stunning beach with awe-inspiring sunsets. Once renowned as a haven for surfers, Canggu has now become an essential destination on your Bali trip. After your soul is nourished by the sunset, you can explore several nightclubs in the vicinity to kickstart your nightlife adventure.

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