An Eccentric Place to Stay in Canggu at Canggu Cabana

Tone up Bali’s busiest coastal town, Canggu Cabana, which set in the perfect setting to complete Bali’s tropical island lifestyle. Canggu has long been known for its exotic black sand beach with relatively big waves, which magnetizes people to visit this neighborhood. 

This area really hypnotizes people to flock to stay and enjoy this lively small town up north of the Seminyak area. Making it busy with travelers, and digital nomads from all over the world, Canggu packed with chic cafes and an array of delicacies. From mouthwatering Indonesian food to Asian delights, the unique Canggu also has exquisite Mediterranean food or Italian Authentic. These are some of the reasons why people have been falling in love with Canggu. 

Place to Stay in Canggu

Making it the most popular spot in Bali, Canggu is home to several kinds of villas and resorts as well. As the best place to feel the breeze of the coastal wind, Canggu provides lots of choices of accommodation.

From the casual guesthouse, or the luxury villa and resort, Canggu indeed has it all. But there are newcomers to a hut where you linger and have the best time of your life. If you want to stay in a contemporary alluring abode in Canggu, you stay at Canggu Cabana.

Canggu Cabana is a modern exotic hut that features various types of rooms ranging from a suite with a plunge pool, a room with a bathtub and garden view, a suite with a bathtub river view bathtub, a family room river view with bathtub, and a Cabana room with a rooftop ocean view.

Making the most out of it by thinking all about privacy, beauty, and breathtaking interiors, Cabana Canggu well delivered to exhilarate your vacation, only five minute’s walk to the beach as it has easy access for beginners or advanced surfers. 

Tucked in Jalan Nelayan no 88A, Canggu, Bali, just steps away, surrounded by Canggu’s hippest boutique bars, restaurants, and cafes. Just stay with style in Canggu Cabana. Learn more about Canggu Cabana by visiting the website at or contact us to book your spot here.

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