Visit Paed Thai and Shichirin at Ubud Food Festival 2024

The Ubud Food Festival returns to Taman Culinary from May 31 to June 2, 2024, 9 AM to 9 PM. Known as UFF, this festival features exquisite dishes by talented chefs, inviting everyone to savor and appreciate the food. This year, the Ubud Food Festival promises the island’s best street food experience.

The Wonderspace by Ini Vie Hospitality is excited to be part of this year’s Ubud Food Festival, with many food and beverage brands. We invite you to savor exclusive Thai and Japanese dishes from our special festival menu, available only at this event.

Paed Thai

Begin your culinary adventure with Paed Thai’s authentic flavors at stall T1. Paed Thai is renowned for dishes that captivate with rich flavors and aromatic allure, delighting all five senses. Paed Thai promises fresh, satisfying dishes using only the finest, premium ingredients.

For a starter, try the Pork Fried Rice, where tender pork, rice, and vegetables create perfect harmony in every bite. Craving something spicy? The Tom Yum Hot Pot, packed with tangy seafood and mushrooms, will warm your stomach. Don’t miss the Mango Sticky Rice, a must-try dessert that pairs perfectly with other festival snacks.


Embark on a culinary journey to the land of cherry blossoms with Shichirin, located at stall T2. Offering an authentic Japanese food experience in Bali, Shichirin is well-known among both travelers and locals. Shichirin is known for Japanese cuisine with subtle, home-cooked flavors presented with luxurious flair.

Specializing in meat, seafood, and sushi, Shichirin’s standout dishes promise a taste adventure. For an authentic experience, try the Salmon Aburi Roll, where the freshness of salmon meets the sharpness of wasabi. Sushi is an ideal, practical option for travelers. For a heartier choice, try their Chicken Katsu, featuring tender chicken breast with kyabetsu salad and steamed rice. Though simple in appearance, each bite delivers a burst of flavors that transport you straight to Japan. Shichirin consistently offers an extraordinary dining experience.

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