Ini Vie Hospitality and Sungai Watch Join Forces for River Blitz

One of the most frequently overlooked facts about the sustainability of the Earth and human life is how The Earth is the only planet in the universe, as far as we know, capable of sustaining human life.

Decades of space exploration have been conducted, and in the end, the answer that has come is that this blue planet is the only place in the universe that we can truly call home. As the only planet we can call home, Earth should be nurtured and cared for to the best of our abilities.

Climate change and global warming are right before our eyes, and they are inevitable. The evidence is already here – heatwaves in Europe, storms in America, devastating floods in Asia – these are all signs that the Earth is not alright. 

The extractive and exploitative industries are among the causes of climate change and global warming. One of the often-discussed issues is the mismanagement of waste, particularly plastic waste.

Plastic waste is still an unresolved problem to this day. Indonesia itself ranks second among the largest plastic waste producers in the world that end up in the oceans.

Indonesia produces 3.2 million tons of plastic waste each year, and most of it ends up in the ocean, untreated. On average, every Indonesian is responsible for 17.2 kg of floating plastic waste that pollutes the marine ecosystem.

Not only plastic waste, but food waste is also one of the causes of environmental pollution. The amount of waste production has far exceeded the waste management capacity.

River Blitz for a Cleaner River

In light of these issues, Ini Vie and Sungai Watch collaborated to take a small step to reduce waste through an activity called River Blitz.

River Blitz

The River Blitz, in collaboration with Sungai Watch, took place in Batuan, Gianyar. The event was held on Friday, September 29, 2023, with the aim of cleaning the river. Why the river? Because rivers are essential to human social life, where various ecosystems are found, rivers can also be a source of food, energy, recreation, sanitation, and even transportation.

The process involved participants directly entering the river, cleaning up all the plastic waste, and removing any debris that obstructed the river’s flow. Through collaboration with Sungai Watch, Ini Vie Hospitality believes that sustainability is crucial for every industry, including tourism.

The goal of this action is to restore our beloved Earth, protect nature for the future of humanity, raise employee awareness of environmental conservation, and, lastly, preserve the enchanting land of Bali.

River Blitz

Participants in this initiative included Ini Vie Hospitality employees from both Gianyar and the Seminyak Area, spanning from staff-level to Villa Managers. Additionally, the Sungai Watch team, along with volunteers from international tourists, including several domestic visitors, contributed their time and effort.

Through this activity, Ini Vie Hospitality hopes to contribute to caring for the Earth and creating a better world.

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