Bali Harmony Green Tour for a More Sustainable Tourism

Bali Harmony Green Tour took place, leading participants on a journey through the Hidden Gems amidst Bali’s Mass Tourism. Embark on a journey to rediscover the rich biological diversity of Bali and immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience by exploring the island’s sustainable hidden gems.

While Bali renowned for its cultural richness, it also boasts a wealth of local wisdom deeply rooted in conservation and sustainability. These hidden sustainable gems, born out of Balinese culture, offer a fascinating exploration.

Uncover Bali Ecotourism

The Bali Harmony Green Tour specially crafted expedition inviting you to rediscover ecotourism activities amidst Bali’s mass tourism, particularly in the Kuta-Legian area. This tour provides insights into Balinese local wisdom and initiatives promoting conservation and sustainability. Through the lens of Sebumi’s sustainable lifestyle, encompassing nine aspects—biodiversity, waste, food, water, energy, shelter, transportation, fashion, and mindfulness—you’ll gain a holistic understanding.

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The spirit of the Bali Harmony Green Tour aligns with the implementation of the national guidelines for Sustainable Tourism Destinations. A destination committed to sustainable tourism must consistently prioritize sustainable management, cultural continuity, social and economic sustainability, and environmental sustainability. Through this initiative, the aim is to provide insights and inspiration to participants and tourism stakeholders in Bali about the importance of environmental conservation to realize Bali as a Sustainable Tourism Destination.

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Tourism expected not only to prioritize economic aspects but also to consider the sustainability of the environment as a primary support for the continuity of tourism itself.

The activities carried out during the Bali Harmony Green Tour constitute a half-day eco-friendly travel experience. Embracing the theme “Rediscover The Sustainable Soul of Balinese Culture,” participants are invited to learn about Bali’s local wisdom and efforts to promote conservation and sustainability through the lens of nine aspects of Sebumi’s sustainable lifestyle: biodiversity, waste management, food, water, energy, buildings, transportation, fashion, and conscious living.

Soruce – Hotel Neo

The journey begins at Neo+ Hotel Kuta-Legian, which itself built with the concept of a Green Hotel, meaning the hotel contributes to environmental preservation, energy and water conservation, waste and carbon emission reduction, and the prevention of global warming. The serene atmosphere and semi-open concept of the hotel building allow for electricity savings by utilizing natural air circulation and sunlight as natural room illumination.

The Bali Harmony Green Tour is one of the activities within the framework of Sebumi’s Green Tour initiative. Tourists interested in participating in future Bali Harmony Green Tour activities can contact Sebumi through their website or Instagram

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